Love In An Elevator

Having established the name of our company, the story behind the name and how to spell “Epiphany” (and believe me, I’ve seen a few odd variations!) the next – and entirely legitimate – question is: “So, what do you guys actually do?”

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the phrase “Elevator Pitch”?  It’s probably management speak.  American, I’m guessing – if it was English in origin it would have been called a “Lift Apologetic Mumble.”  Anyway, the idea’s a good one.  It suggests that you should be able to encapsulate the essence of an organisation’s mission in a pithy sentence or two – just short enough to be delivered succinctly between the ground floor and the boardroom.  One organisation that I once worked for actually had us practise our elevator pitches in the lift.  We spent the afternoon travelling up and down the building – much to the obvious of amusement of other staff and visitors.  However, I must say that I have never been called upon to actually use this skill for real.  Travel in a lift – certainly in this country – tends to be accompanied by quietly uncomfortable shuffling, and dutiful staring at one’s shoes or the door.

However, if you were to bump into me in a lift and break the silence by asking, “So, what exactly does Epiphany Music do?” the answer you’d receive would be:

We deliver – and support – creative, accessible, inclusive music-making in Special Educational Needs and Disability settings.

So now you know…

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